Thursday, October 14, 2010

Caps Vs. Islanders

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The Caps are pulling out wins without playing to there full capability. They have won there last three games and have a sweep at home. The Caps always find a way to win while at home but on the road is a different story.

Last night 10-13-10 the Caps won 2-1 against the New York Islanders. The Caps have only scored 1 goal in the last 12 power play attempts. They were giving three man advantages during the game and they finally connected on the fourth one. Backstrom scored on the powerplay in the third period.

"I was just standing in front of the net and [Ovechkin] was shooting at my feet," said Backstrom. "It was kind of lucky he didn't hit [them] too hard otherwise I probably couldn't walk tomorrow. It was a good one."

The Islanders were missing two of there players, James Wisniewski and John Tavares, but still managed to control the game. The young 18 year old rookie Nino Niederreiter scored with only 3:14 minutes taken off the clock in the first period. After that Neuvirth was 100% effective. He blocked 23 of 24 shots on the night.

I have always had a love hate relationship with defensive man Mike Green. He misplayed the puck and created a one on one with Neuvirth and Islander Matt Mouslon. Neuvirth came out of the crease to close the angle and saved a goal.

Mike Green is a great scoring defensive man and will most likely break Gonchars record with Capitals most defensive man goals, but he gets beat to much and has absurd mistakes. Fans love him because he scores but they forget his reason on the team. TO PREVENT GOALS.

Michal Neuvirth has had great saves and great games other than the season opener to Atlanta but Coach Boudreau stated.

"Neuvy's making a great case for himself," he said. "He's gotten better in every game and tonight was his best game. So we'll see; we know Varly's a very good goalie too so it's not ever going to be a controversy."

I like all the abbreviations of our goalies. Its hard enough trying to spell and say all the Canadian, Russian and European names.

In the second period the ol' faithful OVI scored by beating Dwayne Roloson. Alex Ovechkin has 4 goals and 3 assists on the season and again proves himself as a captain.

A little incident happened in front of the crease with Hendrick and Roloson which created a little tension between the teams.

This motivated the Caps until Mike Green received a holding call to give the Islanders a man advantage. Thanks Mike! Fortunately, the Caps held off until Backstrom scored the game winning goal with 3:39 minutes left in game.

I love hockey for many reasons but one is fighting. If you have played sports and are very competitive you know very well that sometimes you want to knock the sh*t out of the other team. Well, guess what, you can in this sport. You are able to fight until you hit the ground. DJ King was an off-season acquisition and is going to be the new Donald Brashear. Last night was his debut with the Capitals and he lived up to his expectations. He dropped the gloves (love that phrase) on his first shift after giving a heavy hit against Trevor Gillies.

Overall, the Washington Capitals are playing decent but with the squad we have, we can play better. Now I'm not complaining because I am impressed with the second string goalie, who I think has been player of the match for the last three games, and our record is 3-1. Lets hope we keep winning, but not win the Presidents Cup because I want a Stanely Cup in Washington DC.

Now my friend Kevin Jones with will disagree with me because he doesn't want any attention taken from the 3-2 Washington Redskins. I am a die hard Skins fan as well but lets turn DC into a DYNASTY.


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