Monday, July 8, 2013

Back In Action

July 4th Weekend--- So I have been taking several photos and videos lately and was thinking of an easy way to post them. I completely forgot about my sports blog I started while in college. As you can see it didnt last very long. I came back from the Outer Banks today and enjoyed my July 4th week. So I have posted a few photos and videos to sum up the week --BEEKS

Monday, December 6, 2010

Newcastle have Sacked Chris Hughton

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The big news in the English Premier league is the firing of Newcastle manager Chris Hughton. Hughton was the manager since October of last year and helped the team move up into the Premier league. Last year they were in the Football League Championship.

The news of Hughton leaving Newcastle was a surprise to everyone. The last weeks result against West Brom has seem to finalize the thought of firing the manager as the fixture was 3-1. The Magpies have had an impressive victory as they have beaten Sunderland 5-1,and have tied Premier leader Arsenal and last years champion Chelsea.

This is what the Mike Ashley, owner had to say about the move, "Regrettably the board now feels that an individual with more managerial experience is needed to take the club forward. The task of appointing a new manager now begins. An announcement will be made shortly regarding transitional arrangements pending the appointment of a successor."

In my mind it sounds like they never had full faith in this manager and were always going to sack him. Newcastle sits 11th place with 19 points. They have lost three out of the last six games.

The replacement of Chris Hughton is still unknown.

Newcastle next fixture is against Liverpool on December 11th

Aston Villa vs Liverpool Preview

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With the weekend games over and done the two teams playing on Monday are Aston Villa vs Liverpool. Both of the teams are in need of points and three points would help out the number 12 team Liverpool as well as the 16th place team Aston Villa.

Some of the weekend games turned out well for the middle of the pack teams. Chelsea let in a late goal against Everton and tied the game at 1-1. Wigan Athletic and Stoke City tied at 2-2. Birmingham also scored a late goal against Tottenham Spurs with an end result of 1-1. Bolton wasn't able to score a against Manchester United as the Red Devils won 1-0. Arsenal took the lead in points with a 2-1 win over Fulham.

The Reds are 13 points off the Premier leader, which is now Arsenal. It will be a tough game for Liverpool as they are having a disappointing season. Steven Gerrard is making progress with his hamstring but will miss Mondays match. Roy Hodgson is not making a good impression on the fans. His calls and signings are turning out to be questionable.

They have played a total of 15 games with five wins, six losses and 4 draws. One of those losses was to Tottenham last week when they blew a 1-0 lead. They dodged a bullet when Defoe missed a PK left. Then the goal scorer Skrtel scored an own goal. Aaron Lennon late in the game made a great play on the ball and put it past Pepe Reina to finalize the game at 2-1.

Now rumors are out that the new signing of Milan Jovanovic wants to leave in the January transfer period. The main move Liverpool needs is another striker or a midfielder with good vision.

Fernando Torres has five goals on the season and is now in top shape. His injuries and fitness has been holding him back earlier in the season. Him and Gerrard always have good chemistry but his injury is going to hurt the Reds. James Carragher will be out for the match and his substitute is Sotirios Kyrgiakos.

Aston Villa has fallen off the news feed as they themselves are having a not so good season with only 17 points, only two behind their opponent. There record is four wins, six losses and five draws. There last premier game was against Arsenal as they lost 4-2.

The big talk about Aston Villa is Michael Owen. Villa's manager Gerard Houllier wants Owen to transfer in January. Houllier was actually Liverpool's manager in 1998 to 2004 and Michael Owen was on the squad. The pair could be reunited.

Stewart Downing leads the team with four goals while Ashley Young leads the team with four assists. Aston Villa misses there winger James Milner that is on Manchester City.

The game is on ESPN 2 at 3pm ET.

I think Liverpool will come out on top this game with a 2-1 victory.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

World Cup in Russia 2018 and Qatar in 2022

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OK. All of you American soccer fans out there have been waiting for this moment. That moment is which country will be picked for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup.

There is only a few of us American soccer fans and we stick together like glue. Always trying to better ourselves as a nation and become at least a respectable soccer nation. Well, today has hit our egos. The two countries that have been picked by the FIFA Executive Committee are Russia and Qatar.

Yes I did say Qatar, can you find that on a map?

Russia - 2018
Qatar - 2022

This is what Sepp Blatter had to say, President of FIFA, "We will travel to two completely new countries. There has never been a World Cup in Russia or elsewhere in Eastern Europe,"

Heres what I heard, Money.....

Money is what now runs the world and will continue for the future. Russia and Qatar have oil, until we find a way to get rid of the black gold we will always be dominated by it.

I can get into the rounds of voting and how many votes this country compared to this country but bottom line. Qatar 14, USA 8. They won by a landslide. We really never had a chance. When we have huge cities and new stadiums we should be highly thought of.

With cities like DC, Baltimore, Dallas, New York City, LA, etc... the stadiums would be packed. Our World Cup venue could be spectacular. I know everyone in America doesn't like soccer but don't you think they would attend some of the games? I know for a fact soccer in America increased after last years tournament.

Now imagine how big those cities are and we can compare them to the Qatar's top four biggest cities. Qatar's 4 biggest cities (est 2010 population): Doha (998,651), Al-Rayyan (444,557), Al-Khor (31,547), Al-Wakrah (31,441). The last two cities are the same size as my school, not to even mention the city (East Carolina University).

Everyone one on twitter is ranting and raving about how this is total crap and I do agree. We are biased but we did have the World Cup in 1994. This could possibly be the changing point in American soccer. The next World Cup looks hopeful for the US as we see some young stars shining. Its a little to late and time to get over it, even though it sucks.

Just a little something for the World Cup, now LETS GO YANKS

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preview: USA vs South Africa

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Today at 2:30pm United States Mens National team will play South Africa. South Africa is the host of the Nelson Mandela Challenge Cup.

The main factor of todays game is the USMNT's roster. If you are an average USA soccer fan you might recognize all the names. But names like Tim Ream, Eric Lichaj, Juan Agudelo and Eddie Gaven, Brian Carroll are unfamiliar. So as an above than average fan I am excited to see what we can have for the future.

Eric Lichaj plays for Aston Villa and is only 22. Actually his birthday is today, now thats what I call a birthday present! Getting his first start for your country would be a cool gift for me.
Tim Ream plays for the New York Red Bulls and is 23, He himself is also getting his USMNT debut.

I think today could be a day to pay close attention to the younger guys because they are indeed, the future of our success as a national team.

Logan Pause is not the face of USA at all but has has five appearances in 2009. He will be accompanied at midfield with Brian Carroll, Carroll has not played for the US team since 2005 where he had seven appearances. They will be playing midfield with Bradleys 4-5-1. Here is the line-up.






I would like to shout out to some NOVIANS (from Northern Virginia), Clarence Goodson and Brain Carroll. Goodson went to Woodson and Carroll went to West Springfield. REPRESENT hahaha.

South Africa will be a tough opponent to play with our "no name" players. I feel our back four and Guzan will do just fine.

Prediction: 0-0. Sorry for the lame game

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why These Coaches Need to be Fired

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Number 5. Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers

The Chargers have always seemed to start the season off badly but this season is different. The Chargers have a record of 2-4 and all four of those losses are on the road. They just lost to the St. Louis Rams Sunday 20-17.

NC State's Phillip Rivers is not the problem. He has 2000 yards (which leads the NFL) and has 12 touchdowns compared to 5 interceptions. The run game and the coaching is the reason for the loses. They have 611 combined yards with all the running back and Rivers. I know the league is turning into a passing league or already is but 600 yards is not going to cut it. The NFL lead rusher right now, Arian Foster has 635 rushing yards.

The Chargers have three special teams touchdowns against them. one punt return and two kick returns.

The offense has outscored there opponents but have not been able to pull out the W. The two victories they have are against the Jaguars and Arizona. They crushed those two team with Jaguars 38-10 and Cardinals 44-10

Top Five Coaches That Need to be Fired and Why

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Wade Phillips

John Fox

Mike Singletary

Norv Turner

Brad Childress

why will come later