Monday, October 18, 2010

Why These Coaches Need to be Fired

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Number 5. Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers

The Chargers have always seemed to start the season off badly but this season is different. The Chargers have a record of 2-4 and all four of those losses are on the road. They just lost to the St. Louis Rams Sunday 20-17.

NC State's Phillip Rivers is not the problem. He has 2000 yards (which leads the NFL) and has 12 touchdowns compared to 5 interceptions. The run game and the coaching is the reason for the loses. They have 611 combined yards with all the running back and Rivers. I know the league is turning into a passing league or already is but 600 yards is not going to cut it. The NFL lead rusher right now, Arian Foster has 635 rushing yards.

The Chargers have three special teams touchdowns against them. one punt return and two kick returns.

The offense has outscored there opponents but have not been able to pull out the W. The two victories they have are against the Jaguars and Arizona. They crushed those two team with Jaguars 38-10 and Cardinals 44-10

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