Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preview: USA vs South Africa

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Today at 2:30pm United States Mens National team will play South Africa. South Africa is the host of the Nelson Mandela Challenge Cup.

The main factor of todays game is the USMNT's roster. If you are an average USA soccer fan you might recognize all the names. But names like Tim Ream, Eric Lichaj, Juan Agudelo and Eddie Gaven, Brian Carroll are unfamiliar. So as an above than average fan I am excited to see what we can have for the future.

Eric Lichaj plays for Aston Villa and is only 22. Actually his birthday is today, now thats what I call a birthday present! Getting his first start for your country would be a cool gift for me.
Tim Ream plays for the New York Red Bulls and is 23, He himself is also getting his USMNT debut.

I think today could be a day to pay close attention to the younger guys because they are indeed, the future of our success as a national team.

Logan Pause is not the face of USA at all but has has five appearances in 2009. He will be accompanied at midfield with Brian Carroll, Carroll has not played for the US team since 2005 where he had seven appearances. They will be playing midfield with Bradleys 4-5-1. Here is the line-up.






I would like to shout out to some NOVIANS (from Northern Virginia), Clarence Goodson and Brain Carroll. Goodson went to Woodson and Carroll went to West Springfield. REPRESENT hahaha.

South Africa will be a tough opponent to play with our "no name" players. I feel our back four and Guzan will do just fine.

Prediction: 0-0. Sorry for the lame game

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