Thursday, December 2, 2010

World Cup in Russia 2018 and Qatar in 2022

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OK. All of you American soccer fans out there have been waiting for this moment. That moment is which country will be picked for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup.

There is only a few of us American soccer fans and we stick together like glue. Always trying to better ourselves as a nation and become at least a respectable soccer nation. Well, today has hit our egos. The two countries that have been picked by the FIFA Executive Committee are Russia and Qatar.

Yes I did say Qatar, can you find that on a map?

Russia - 2018
Qatar - 2022

This is what Sepp Blatter had to say, President of FIFA, "We will travel to two completely new countries. There has never been a World Cup in Russia or elsewhere in Eastern Europe,"

Heres what I heard, Money.....

Money is what now runs the world and will continue for the future. Russia and Qatar have oil, until we find a way to get rid of the black gold we will always be dominated by it.

I can get into the rounds of voting and how many votes this country compared to this country but bottom line. Qatar 14, USA 8. They won by a landslide. We really never had a chance. When we have huge cities and new stadiums we should be highly thought of.

With cities like DC, Baltimore, Dallas, New York City, LA, etc... the stadiums would be packed. Our World Cup venue could be spectacular. I know everyone in America doesn't like soccer but don't you think they would attend some of the games? I know for a fact soccer in America increased after last years tournament.

Now imagine how big those cities are and we can compare them to the Qatar's top four biggest cities. Qatar's 4 biggest cities (est 2010 population): Doha (998,651), Al-Rayyan (444,557), Al-Khor (31,547), Al-Wakrah (31,441). The last two cities are the same size as my school, not to even mention the city (East Carolina University).

Everyone one on twitter is ranting and raving about how this is total crap and I do agree. We are biased but we did have the World Cup in 1994. This could possibly be the changing point in American soccer. The next World Cup looks hopeful for the US as we see some young stars shining. Its a little to late and time to get over it, even though it sucks.

Just a little something for the World Cup, now LETS GO YANKS

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