Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

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Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope all had a great one and Santa brought you everything you wanted. I received all the gifts that I wanted, Blue Ray player and a new xbox because mine broke a little while back. We started opening xmas presents at around 12 and was later this year but was still good. Pops received a signed Riggins Jersey #44 which is sweet, Josh got a lot of hunting stuff so we will be shooting ducks shortly. Jackie, Christin and momma got Red Door Spa massages which Im sure they will all enjoy together. Overall is was a great xmas with presents. Josh and Christin went to her brothers place for a little bit and will be back for dinner. We will be eating some delicious prime rib from Costco.

Sports that are on TV today.
There are four great NBA games on that you should pay attention too.
Miami Heat vs New York Knicks playing now, 2:20 pm
Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic 2:30 Pm
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Lakers 5:00 pm (whos better? Kobe or Lebron?)
Los Angeles Clippers vs Phoenix Suns 8:00 pm

There is a NFL game on at 7:30 pm
San Diego Chargers vs Tennessee Titans
As San Diego's Philip River gun slinging arm and Tennessee titans blazin fast Chris Johnson go at in a battle on Christmas Day. It should be a high scoring game with Rivers connecting to his 6'5" wide receiver Vincent Jackson and with Young throwing screens to the ECU Alumni Johnson. The money line is 110 and the over under is 48. Dont be afraid to bet the over on this game.

Everyone have a wonderful and safe christmas evening.
Brian Kelly

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