Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Funday

BK's Sports
Hey everyone, Hope you holidays and festivities went well and were safe. Watching the Redskins play the Chargers. Chargers are a good team and our fellow skins are weak. The game has no importance to me and is hard to follow it. But I will always rout for the Redskins no matter what. Congratulations on Brian Orakpo making the pro bowl. I was hoping London Fletcher was going to make this year because in his career he has never made it.
NFL had some interesting match ups earlier at 1pm and and the night game could be fun to watch. Even though Carson Palmer isent playing that much due do they have already made the playoffs. I watched the Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins game at 1. It was a exciting game but their was a lot of serious injuries. At first Miami QB Chad Henne had a eye injury that kept him from coming back into the game in the second half. Pat White from WVU came into the game and still has yet to complete a pass in his one year career. But while he was running the ball on the left side of the field he was hit in the head by Ike Taylor and dropped like a rock. He was on the ground for several minutes until he was loaded onto a stretcher. ESPN said that White is "OK" in terms of movement but is still being examined by the hospital. Hope he is ok, neck injuries are always scary and when someone just drops to the ground like that it makes your cringe.
Nothing going on with the EPL. Other then Liverpool talking to Van Nistelrooy who plays for Real madrid now. He is expensive and wants 120,000 euros each week. We could pick up other decent players rather then wasting it on one player. Liverpool is still in 7th place and needs to win games back to back to get into the top 4.
Enjoys the sports on tonite and good luck with your New Years Resolutions!

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