Monday, January 4, 2010

Bye Bye Zorn

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Earlier this morning the Washington Redskins head coach was fired. He was the head coach for two years and was previously a QB coach in Seattle. Their was a lot of speculations about him being able to be a successful head coach. I think it has been proven that he can not be. His record in his two year career was 12-20 with this season ending as 4-12. OUCH, this is the worst record the Redskins have had in 15 years.
Now we have talk about new head coaches and right now it seems that Mike Shanahan is the number one prospect. Our new General Manager Bruce Allen says that he is not going to say anything about possible coaches because of privacy issues. I wouldn't mind having Shanahan because he has had all winning season except two as a head coach. Most of all he focuses on linemen and it his previous years he has had successful running backs. Some one them are not as successful like Tatum Bell, but he made them successful with him. I am excited on what will come in the future. There will be many changes as a Redskins franchise.
Everyone is saying that we need to draft a linemen and I have always said that in the past. You need to build from the inside out. We have always drafted from the outside in and I think it was mostly Vinny Cerato fault. Like two years ago we drafted two wide recievers, Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas. We will see how Bruce Allen approaches this but he says we are started today to get better. He has a good attitude towards this and I think he will bring success. Whether is be in the next year or two, maybe even three. We will get make our way back to the top of the NFC EAST.
Hail to the Redskins
Brian Kelly

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