Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bottom 3 teams in EPL

England has a complex set of football leagues, along with promotion and relegation. The teams that finish in the bottom three of the Premier League are relegated to the Championship, the top two teams from the Championship are automatically promoted. The teams that finished 3rd-6th in the Championship compete in playoffs, and the winner is awarded the third promotion spot into the Premier League. The bottom 3 teams from the Championship are relegated to Football League One. Virtually, promotion is the same from Football League One to the Championship, as the Championship to the Premiership. Football League One has 4 teams relegated to Football League Two, with the top 3 teams from League Two automatically promoted with positions 4th-7th competing in playoffs and the winner is awarded the fourth promotion spot. In England there is a set of 6 levels that each use a concept something like this. One of the main differences between the Premiership and the lower leagues, besides popularity, is that the Premiership generally has 20 teams competing. The lower leagues all have 24, with the exception of Conferences North and South with 22 teams.

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