Monday, October 11, 2010

LaRon Laundry Is Skins Play Maker!

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The Washington Redskins are having a better than expected start of the season with a record of 3-2. Everyone is always talking about the offensive side of the ball with Donovan McNabb. Which is fine because he is clearly the hot topic.

But what about the defensive side and LaRon Landry. If you have been paying attention to the Redskins you will notice that Landry is everywhere. Jim Haslett's defense is a 3-4 and that enables Landry to roam freely.

He pushing up and rushes the quarterback giving the offensive tackles trouble. He only has one sack on the year but 41 solo tackles. Landry helps with the run game as well. London Fletcher is normally the man on the ball for the Skins and he has 30 solo tackles.

LaRon Landry received an injury during the Houston Texans game. In short time Matt Schaub throws a touchdown pass over Reed Doughty to Andre Johnson. I firmly believe that if Landry was in the game they would not have scored that touchdown. I'm not taking anything away from Johnson because he is an incredible wide receiver.

Landry was known for his stupid penalties when he was younger and he has matured immensely. He now flies all over the field hunting for the ball or the wide receivers heads. He still likes to flaunt after every tackle but it shows the fans and the other players that he is going all out.

Last Sunday against the Green Bay Packers Landry had a great interception against Aaron Rodgers in overtime to give the Redskins the chance to win the game. He also forced a fumble. Gano hit the field goal to get the victory at Fed Ex Field.

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